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  • 25-10-2018

  • (Wow, this is a long time :-))
    iGame has been released under GPL for some time now. You can find it's source at: Github
    There is an effort to modernize it a bit, and maybe add some new features. The iGame_rel/ folder on github will contain builds from various stages of development.

  • 16-08-2008

  • iGame 1.5 released!

  • 08-12-2007

  • iGame 1.4 released!

  • 28-04-2007

  • iGame 1.3 released!
    Unfortunately, I'm having some scsi troubles with my A3000. More stuff would have been in this release, if not for my disk not starting up every time ;-) There is a full backup, so with a new disk heading here, everything should be back to normal soon.

  • 06-04-2007

  • iGame 1.2 released!

  • 29-03-2007

  • New site design; Thanks to Whiteulver for the logo and the site. Should work on all Amiga browsers. 

    There are a couple more bugs in 1.1, I'm waiting for some feedback to release 1.2

  • 27-03-2007

  • Version 1.1. Check the changelog for changes ;-)
    File not yet on aminet, since it seems down atm.

  • 24-03-2007

  • First public release.