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  •  changelog.

  • 16-08-2008 - version 1.5 "Anyway's the only way"

  • Genres are now in an external file.
    Added "--Never Played--".
    Reworked "Show/Hide hidden slaves".
    Filter will now work together with genres.
    Added indication when writing to disk.

  • 12-08-2007 - version 1.4 "Heartattack & Vine"

  • Editable tooltypes for each game.
    Speed increase for lister.
    Misc bug fixes.

  • 28-04-2007 - version 1.3 "Dont call me lazy"

  • Added the NOGUIGFX tooltype.
    Added keyboard shortcut to Game Properties (Right A + P).
    Added option to hide a slave.
    iGame will now launch a slave, even without an info file (with default tooltypes).
    Reads titles from slave files.
    Added the update_titles app.
    'Alt' suffix is used for multiple slaves.

  • 06-04-2007 - version 1.2 "Are you sure?"

  • Screenshot bug fixed.
    Search only .info files when launching games.
    Counters now work for genres filtering.

  • 27-03-2007 - version 1.1 "Are you sure?"

  • Fixes a nasty bug that sometimes caused iGame not to display any titles after a scan.

  • 24-03-2007 - version 1.0 "Are you sure?"

  • First public release