You remind me of rooms closed; you feel like land - Nikos Kavadias
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    Most of the files here are gone, sorry for this... lost them during a hard disk move.
    The links are left here just for historical purposes.

    For current iGame releases, please visit Github

    Latest stable version:

    iGame.lha     (version 1.5 - "Anyway's the only way")

    Older versions:

    iGame14.lha (version 1.4 - "Heartattack & Vine")
    iGame13.lha (version 1.3 - "Dont call me lazy")
    iGame12.lha (version 1.2 - "Are you sure?")

    Development versions (The following are mostly work in progress, and may contain just the binary. Please use it to replace the one from a stable release):

    Work in progress builds

    iGame requires some libs and mcc's:

    * guigfx.mcc
    * TextEditor.mcc
    * render.library
    * guigfx.library

    Make sure your installation contains MUI and the above libraries. You can find the latest versions in Aminet.

    If you're having problems with iGame starting (guru 8000000B) try these libraries instead (Thanks to Jools 'buzz' Smyth for providing them):