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paquae (iPaq)

PAQuae is a compile of UAE running on iPAQ handhelds running some sort of Linux OS (Familiar, etc). It uses the SDL library and does not require X windows installed.

PAQuae is based on uae sources from Current version of PAQuae is build from uae-0.8.25-20040302 Tested on an H3760 ipaq running Familiar 0.7.2 and Opie 1.1.3.

Requires libSDL which you can get from here and zlib.


Download (please read the README file for installation)

paquae-0.1-libc2.2.tar.gz (libc2.2 for zaurus, it may or may not work)

hoover (linux/POSIX)

Hoover is a small utility, to clean up your POP3 mailbox from unwanted emails (aka spam). It does so, by loggin in to your POP3 server, and deleting the mails on the spot . It also has the ability to bounce back to the sender of the email.

Download: hoover-0.6.2.tar.gz

Sysinfo.amiplug (Amiga)

Sysinfo.amiplug is a plugin for the AmIRC, which displays your Amiga system information in your active channel. Requires the identify.library

Sysinfo_Amiplug13.lha IdentifyUsr.lha

iGame (Amiga)

iGame is a MUI frontend to launch WHDload installed games. It automaticly scans predefined paths for .slave files, and creates a small database of the games found. You ca n then double click on a game to launch it.

iGame has now got it's own site!

Timeme (Amiga)

Timeme is a small program to time how long it takes for a shell/cli command to run.

Download: Timeme.lha

rtf2uni (Amiga)

Amiga word processors like AmigaWriter and WordWorth have an RTF save feature. This gives the ability to have at least some kind of formating to documents you wish to exc hange with other platforms. However, there is a problem with Greek characters when saving in RTF format: None of those word processors saves the file with the Greek characters escaped.

This means that the final RTF file is not readable by e.g. OpenOffice. This utility solves this. It translates an AW or WW RTF file to unicode, thus enabling OpenOffice t o read them and display Greek characters correctly.

Usage is simple: Run it from a Shell, and specify the RTF file. rtf2uni will create a new file encoded in unicode.

Download: rtf2uni.lha

Project: Starfighter (PSP)

This is a port of Project: Starfighter, a 2D shooter to the PSP.

It is based on an old port by Denis Televnyy, which was meant for firmwares 1.0 and 1.5. This is an adaptation and compile for custom firmware (CFW), so it will work on y our slim. Currently I have tested it on my slim 5.00M33-3.


CreateTorrent (Amiga)

Port of UNIX createtorrent app to the Amiga (68k).

As the name suggests, it creates torrent files :-). Runs from Shell. Sources included, check the README file for usage.

Download: CreateTorrent.lha