Some Notes on Using the Arduino Sdk With the Arduino-makefile

These are some notes after fiddling around with the arduino sdk and the arduino-makefile. If you followed the install on my previous blog entry, you should now be able to compile a simple sketch and upload it to the arduino (e.g. the blink program).

First of all you should save your source files with .ino extension. .c or .cpp do not seem to be picked up by the makefile.

Now, to use any external libraries to drive some components, there are 2 ways I found to do it. Usually libraries come with a header file and a .cpp implementation file. You can place them in the same directory as your project, and after changing your headers to look in the current dir (i.e. replace the <mpla.h> with "mpla.h") and running make, the arduino makefile will pick them up, compile them and link them to your binary.

But things can get messy, especially if you want to use multiple libraries, or if these libraries require other standard libraries (like the SPI).

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Setting Up an Arduino Dev Enviroment on Gentoo

Decided to spent some time and finally ordered an Arduino board and some misc parts. Always wanted to mess around with one, although I really fail to grasp the basic electric stuff. Anyway, here's what it takes to compile something and upload it on an Arduino board on Gentoo Linux.

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  • Day 1

Dear diary.

Today my new keyboard arrived. It's a cool cool keyboard. I always wanted one (a mechanical one that is). I did spent a significant amount of time looking for the ONE. I had decided the form factor (TKL), the switches (Brown) and all that was left was to find a one in stock and buy it. I was sure my quest was over. Then one day I saw a video of this little thing called the Pok3r. Decided to watch with a feeling of man-i-could-never-get-used-to-one-of-those-i-pity-the-ones-who-try. And the next day I bought one.

On the first day I took it out of it's package. Placed it on my desk and started typing (unplugged). The feeling was majestic.

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Grabbing KPrintF From FS-UAE

KPrintF on the Amiga is used to print debug messages. By default it will output to SER: in 9600 baud. (There is also DKPrintF which will output to PAR:).

To grab this output when running an application under FS-UAE, you can do the following:

1) Setup serial re-direction in FS-UAE:

serial_port = /some/file/somewhere

2) Start socat:

socat pty,raw,echo=0,link=/some/file/somewhere -,raw,echo=0

3) Start the emulator and run your application. All KPrintF's should now appear to the terminal where socat is running.

On Weekends I Use I3

I wish I never tried i3. Kept watching all those good looking shots in /r/unixporn, so here I am now: merged between the smooth workflow of i3 and it's extensive use of keyboard, against its shortcomings when it comes to getting my work done as I remembered from Gnome. So I find myself switching from one to the other depending on the day.

When it's time to handle multiple concurrent requests from work, I need Gnome. My response time on i3 isn't yet the best, so that's getting in the way too. However the most problematic thing for me on i3 is window minimizing/hiding (the lack of). Typically there's the need to have multiple custom applications open all the time. Those apps in turn create new windows when required. In Gnome fashion, I let them all exist, and keep minimize, and alt+tab to them when needed.

However, i3's philosophy clearly does not support this way of using your computer, and it tries to work around it by using multiple workspaces (where you can dump open windows when needed). What happens though is that you can lose track of where things are. And if you have a lot of open long-running windows, you might start running out of workspaces...

There is also the scratchpad. A special workspace that can host whatever count of windows you like, and cycle them with a keypress. However, I can't find (or there isn't) a way to restore one of the windows there to a workspace.

Why people find that minimizing is not the "correct" way, I don't know. Maybe the solution is Gnome with i3 as it's window manager. (Or better suited openbox). Perhaps if I continue to use it I'll get it eventually. For now, I'll use it on weekends :-)

AmigaOS 68k/Morphos PPC Vbcc Cross Compiler for Linux

I've uploaded an archive of a precompiled setup of vbcc for 64bit linux, with targets for AOS 68k and Morphos PPC. It also contains the Dev archive for MUI and the NKD 3.9. The whole setup is able to compile iGame so it should be ok.

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An A1200 Restoration Story (Part 1)

Five years are long enough. I want an Amiga back on my desk. Even if it's only for a few minutes at a time, I should have one close by for the occasional messing around. Finishing iGame is also an excuse, but I shouldn't make promises I can't keep...

My small computer desk can't accomodate the monster the A3000 is, so the plan is to restore the A1200 instead. Honestly, I always liked it's form factor better than the A3000's. Who needs expansions? :-) Stock is great!

I was worried of how I would find it. A storage room with above average humidity levels is not the ideal place to store electronics. But alas, thanks to Commodore's quality and engineering skills, it fired up on the first try. Motherboard working: Check. Blizzard MKIV 030: Check. Hard disk: Missing. Oh, well, not really a problem. I should anyway re-setup it. After all, half of the fun is in bringing it up from scratch.

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Martyr2's Mega Project List in Github

Long time, no posts... Anyway, here's something nice: A list of some 100 small coding projects to keep you occupied: Martyr2's Mega Project Ideas List. Someone has turned that to a nice github repo which you can fork and work on your own.

A Small iGame Update

I've uploaded a new iGame-Dev.lha version at It solves some DSI errors on OS4 (please do send me an email if you've found any more! :-)), plus there is some support for using game's icons for displaying screenshots. This ATM will work only on OS3.5 and onwards, not sure about 3.1 for this one yet. There are still some small things to fix before a 1.6 release, such as not destroying the game icon when editing it's tooltypes from within iGame, taking care for non-whdload games when scanning, and a new small feature I have in mind. That's all!

Back to Openbox

After seeing my poor netbook suffering under the rule of KDE, it's fan always on, it's memory occupied by weird stuff like virtuozo and plasma-something, I decided I needed to give it a break. So, I went back to openbox.

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