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The quest for sync
Sep 8, 2010
2 minutes read

A long time ago, I was looking out for ways to sync my phone (a Nokia E65) to… well… anything.

Since I dont use Windows or a Mac, things to tend to get complicated. Sync stuff in Linux sometimes work, other times they don’t. I gave up then, but eventually came back to it. My new plan was to sync the phone with something in the “cloud”, and then configure my KDE PIM’’s to work with that.

Although Google Calendar worked with the phone, and at some extend with the KDE PIM (e.g. contacts did sync, but not calendar entries for some reason), I still wasn’t satisfied. There had to be a way to have my data on my machine.

The joys of having your own apache :-)

Horde came to the rescue. I’ve set it up on my 24/7 machine, and voila. Sync via syncml with the nokia works great (although it did take a couple of syncs to not pop up duplicate entries), but it was still no go for KDE. Part of the problem maybe lies to the incomplete GroupDAV support in Horde, and part to the Akonadi/KDE stuff. No time to investigate further. I can live with opening a browser instead of Kaddressbook. (And I get to get rid of KDE PIM/Akonadi :-)).

So with Horde I now have a central portal for contacts, calendar, notes and tasks (I used taskfreak for that before), sync them to the phone, and as an added bonus - Gollem. Gollem is the file manager part of Horde. It provides a web frontend to having access to a filesystem on the server which I can access from anywhere (netbook, phone, etc).

So, it seems it’s settled. :-)

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