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iGame is not dead
Aug 18, 2010
2 minutes read

Although kinda on life support.

Since my amiga room and time is taken up by a 70cm handsome little devil :-), there’s not so much going on with iGame or most Amiga stuff. However, I still manage to steal some time to do some things I wanted on it.

First of all, since my A3000 is in storage, I moved the source to a local svn and set up a UAE environment for the builds. First thing I did was to make sure iGame compiles ok. During this stage I decided to move iGame from gcc to vbcc. After a few changes to the source, success. So the new iGame should be a bit smaller in size and a tiny faster. We’ll see.

I’ve made some fixes in between, and uploaded a package here in case anyone wants to test it: Look for “iGame-Dev.lha”. Right know it contains a fix when there’s more than one repository, a bit of cleanup on the repository interface, and a new tooltype: NOSCREENSHOT. This disables the screenshot box completely and the respective code that looks for a screenshot each time a game is selected.

Left to do: A fix for non-whdload games which run a script, loading of icons in the screenshot box, and a fix when editing a games’ tooltypes which can result to it’s icon being trashed. Some people have also contacted me saying that iGame kinda runs on MOS and AOS4 with a few problems. Can’t think of much more for a 1.6 version, which is likely to be the last one. If you’d like to see something new in iGame, please contact me or leave a comment here.

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