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AmigaOS 68k/Morphos PPC vbcc cross compiler for linux
Jul 12, 2014
One minute read

I’ve uploaded an archive of a precompiled setup of vbcc for 64bit linux, with targets for AOS 68k and Morphos PPC. It also contains the Dev archive for MUI and the NKD 3.9. The whole setup is able to compile iGame so it should be ok.

Download it from: Here.

Extract it anywhere you’d like. /opt is a good choice.

Then add an env variable:

export VBCC=/opt/vbcc/

You can also add the bin directory to your path:

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/vbcc/bin/

To compile a simple hello world for AmigaOS 68k, use the following:

vc +aos68k -o hello hello.c

for Morphos (PPC):

vc +morphos -o hello hello.c

The supported configurations are in /opt/vbcc/:

opt # ls vbcc/config/
aos68k  aosppc  arosx86  kick13  morphos  newlib  powerup  tos  tos16  toscf  warpos

but the archive contains the targets only for 68k and mos ppc. Since both ppc & 68k compilers and assemblers are build it shouldn’t be hard to install more targets from Current vbcc targets.

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