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Some old Amiga Videos...
Jul 11, 2012
One minute read

Since I started uploading to Vimeo, I’ve located some old videos I had laying around and thought I’d share. These videos show an Amiga emulating an Atari ST (even at OS level) and an 8088 PC. Check them out below…

The first video shows a basic Amiga 600 running Atari TOS. This is done through an obscure piece of software called “st4amiga”. It only works on an 68000, and as I found out only with some specific versions of TOS (German 1.02 version). Check the video’s description for more details.

The next video shows a Bridgeboard card in action. Bridgeboards are expansion cards connected to the Amigas, which provide a real x86 processor, and with the proper software setup can run at the same time as AmigaOS. Models included 8088/8086 up to 80486 with various combinations of RAM.

Those cards could also enable access to the otherwise inactive ISA slots on Amigas. In turn, AmigaOS and MSDOS could utilize ISA Ethernet cards, VGA cards etc.

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