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Emulators on the Pi: Part 2
Jul 4, 2012
One minute read

After some more fiddling around with the Pi, here’s a couple more emulators that run nicely on it.

Even though vice wouldn’t compile from portage, I gave it a go again (compiled outside of portage), and the result is great! Seems to run full speed, and it was the first emulator to test a joystick with. I’ve edited the configuration file to scale the display to twice the size, and you must provide the ROM files (kernal, etc.) from a windows distribution. It did crash a couple of times, but I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s alsa related and future firmware versions for the pi might solve the problem.

The Sega emulator is the ‘dgen-sdl’, and it’s installed through portage. Along with ScummVM, they gave me the least trouble compiling and running. dgen also supports joysticks by default.

Here’s another video with those running. Note that in the video, dgen seems to hang at the end. I had just pressed exit, and it just takes a bit to get back to the prompt.

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